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Why Java Course With StratFx?

  • We provides Industrialwise Traning & Syllabus to enhance your knowledge in java and Developing your skills to such a level that any multi-national company will hire you with a definite Salary Hike.
  • After Complete Course,You will become a Certified Java Develper from scratch with good knowledge.
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  • Our Teaching Staff has 5+ years experience in IT Industry.


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Practice your learnings on live industry projects under the supervision of a dedicated mentor.

Master JAVA

Basics JAVA(12 Hours)

Introduction to Java

  • Basic Concepts of OOPs
  • Java History
  • Java Features
  • Comparison between Java and C++
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Java Environment
  • Programs
  • Assignment

Data Types, Operators, Tokens

  • Data Types
  • Mixing Data Types
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Comments
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Identifiers
  • Literals
  • Keywords ­ Access Modifiers, Non-Access Modifiers
  • Operators
  • Operator Precedence in Java

Control Structures, Looping

  • If statements
  • If...else statements
  • Nesting of if...else statement
  • Switch statement
  • For loop
  • While loop
  • Do-­while loop
  • Use of break and continue

Arrays & Strings

  • Declaring and initialising array
  • Accessing array elements
  • Iterating over array
  • Multi­dimensional array
  • String handling
  • String operations
  • StringBuffer & StringBuilder
  • Reading the Documentation

Object Oriented In Depth

  • Classes & Object
  • Creating Main in Separate Class
  • Methods
  • Access Modifiers
  • Static Members
  • Object as reference
  • Packages and Class Hierarchy


  • Introduction to Eclipse
  • Extending the classes
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes


  • Type of Polymorphism
  • Early vs Late Binding
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Interfaces
  • Inheritance within interfaces
  • Interface References

Collections Framework

  • Collection Hierarchy
  • Working with ArrayList, LinkedList
  • Stack and Queue
  • Maps
  • Set
  • Using Iterators and Enumerations
  • Generics

Exception Handling

  • What is Exception and handling exception
  • Compile time errors & Run time errors
  • try…catch finally
  • Throwing an Exception
  • Creating and Using Your Own Exception Classes

I/O Packages & File Handling

  • Streams
  • How Files and Streams Work
  • Exceptions Classes
  • Standard Streams
  • Working with Reader classes
  • I/O Streams
  • Finding a File
  • Wrapper Classes


  • Advantages of multithreading over multi­tasking
  • Thread Life cycle
  • Thread Creation and simple programs
  • Thread Class vs Runnable Interface
  • Synchronized threads & Methods

Event Handling

  • Introduction to Nested Class
  • Static Nested Class
  • Non static Nested Class
  • Event Source
  • Event Classes
  • Event Listener
  • Handling Windows Events
  • Adapter Classes

Java 8 New Features

  • Enums
  • Interfaces with default & static methods
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Streams
  • Filtering Collections
  • forEach() method in Iterable Interface
  • Java Time API
  • Nashorn

Advanced JAVA(24 Hours)


  • Java and JDBC
  • JDBC vs ODBC
  • JDBC Driver Types
  • Two-tier Architecture for Data Access
  • Three-tier Architecture for Data Access
  • Types of Drivers
  • JDBC Datatypes
  • JDBC Connections
  • ResultSet
  • Streaming data - Working with files and images
  • Transaction management
  • Batch Processing
  • RowSetInterface


  • What is Servlet?
  • Advantages of Servlets
  • Difference between Applets and Servlets
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • Three ways to create a servlet
  • Form Procesing- GET and POST
  • HTTP Request and Response
  • How servlets work?
  • Filters
  • Exceptions and Errors
  • Cookie handling
  • Session tracking
  • Sending mail using servlets
  • Debug using Message Logging


  • JSP architecture
  • Lifecycle
  • Scriptlets
  • Directives, Declarations, Expressions, Tags
  • JSP Actions
  • Implicit Objects
  • Forms Processing- GET and POST
  • Java Beans
  • Java Beans
  • Sessions
  • Tag Libraries
  • Form Editing
  • Database Access in JSP
  • Sending Email
  • Custom tags
  • JSP Expression Language
  • JSP Security


  • Introduction
  • Installation of JSTL Library
  • Types of tags


  • Understanding Object/Relational Persistence
  • Mapping Persistent Classes
  • Inheritance and Custom Types
  • Mapping Collections and Entity Association
  • Advance Entity Association Mapping
  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Modifying Objects Efficiently
  • Optimizing Fetching and Caching
  • Querying with HQL


  • Introduction to Spring
  • Spring IOC Container
  • MVC framework

Live Project


100% Job Assistance

We are endeavoring to give you a best placement assistance. We do not make the false promise to provide guaranteed job but we do make the promise of “Developing your skills to such a level that any multi-national company will hire you with a definite salary hike.”

Our Best Faculty

Mahesh Shet
Mahesh Shet
Sr. Software Engineer at Allied Digital Service Ltd.

I've been in the IT industry for over 4+ years as software developer. Today, I specialize mainly in Java, the most successful and widely known programming language in use today. I also specialize with the Spring Framework, which the most popular open source application framework for building enterprise class applications on the Java platform.
Jonathan Simpson
Sanket Gadre
Sr. Software Engineer at Mastek Ltd.

Sanket's been a professional software developer for over 4+ years. What makes Sanket unique is his professional programming career - many instructors have never programmed professionally. Sanket has trained over 100+ students how to program, way more than a typical IT Professor at a college does in a lifetime.

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